Blank You Very Much X FWY Announce a Winner!

FriendsWithYou joined forces with Blank You Very Much to give YOU the chance to design the most magical FWY t-shirt! Giving all our friends the chance to re-interpret our art, artists and designers used some of our iconic faces, rainbows, and magic to create their own FriendsWithYou art.

BYVM is a platform for designers and artists to take iconic brands and redesign them to make them their own. BYVM has worked with Burton, Coca-Cola, Huf, Bert Rodriguez, Pele, Dee & Ricky, and now FriendsWithYou! As designers join BYMV and start to submit their artwork, they are critiqued and commented on by others in the online community. The designers can choose any of the artworks submitted by the artists to play with or use them as they like. The artists of each brand get to judge and select the final winning design. BYVM connects talented designers with top artists by giving them a chance to create for the big leagues, and we are honored by all the talented work submitted. We received over a hundred submissions from all over the world, and after judging many outstanding designs, we came to the hard choice of choosing one winner… Apol Maria with his design entitled “Friends With Us!” Winner of $500, Apol offers the most happily ridiculous take on a FWY’s simplistic expression. This made us look at friendship in a whole new light! Not to mention we love how weird the final creation looks! Congratulations Apol! Buy your limited edition FWY shirt here!

A special thanks to the director and founder of BYVM- Darren Romanelli, the BYVM team and all our fans who worked on these amazing submissions! We love you!