“Happy Gift” in Seoul Korea

Commissioned Installation by the Hyundai Family, Korea
Happy Gift is a 25 feet wide bounce house, commissioned by the Hyundai Family of Korea, which was publicly exhibited during the month of May at the Hyundai Department Gardens in Seoul. FriendsWithYou is honored to have created this interactive work for the city of Seoul to experience the joy and exuberance of FWY’s work.

The piece is hypnotically striped and induces a euphoric feeling as it begs to be played with. This bounce house is created like all of FWY’s inflatable interactive sculptures, for both adults to play with as well as children.

We want to give a big thanks to Hyundai, Christina Heekyung Kang, Minjin Chae and the entire Paradigm Art Company for commissioning this inflatable sculpture and bringing this project to life.