i am malfi print series

FriendsWithYou X Poster Child Prints
FriendsWithYou is pleased to announce the release of a new limited edition print series, "I am Malfi" and "I am Malfi II." These prints are an edition of 100 each and will be released today, Thursday November 15th @ 5PM EST // 2AM PST, available exclusively at PosterChildPrints.

FWY is releasing the beautiful portraits of Malfi, in an oversized format to bring extra Magic, Luck, and Friendship into everyone’s lives! The new prints feature FWY’s most iconic and powerful character, Malfi. Act quickly to reserve your copy, officially on sale starting today at 2pm PST// 5pm EST!

Having a Malfi's presence in your home brings you everlasting peace, prosperity and a good dose of happiness. The new Malfi prints are entitled “I am Malfi” and “I am Malfi II.”

"I am Malfi" depicts Malfi in his original pose. He is the great ponderer in his stoic grimace- he harnesses great power! In this pose Malfi acts as a protector and a super powerful wizard, who will bring you to your full potential. This Malfi does not play around! It will give your home the energy and power you need for total success… But always know that Malfi will bring you great wealth or death. Good Luck and Be Careful!

"I am Malfi II" depicts our great wizard in the smiling pose, his most comfortable gesture. He reminds us of the power of the smile, a laugh, and outright joyfulness. The smiling Malfi image is quite popular for empowering its home with lightness and a sense of love and understanding. Everything is going to be ok!

PCP collaborates with top contemporary artists to create exclusive and limited edition screen prints. The prints are in an edition of 150, measuring 24” by 36”. Each limited edition print is embossed with the PCP seal, signed and numbered by the artists, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The prints are standard frame size, 2-color silk screen printed on 100% archival cotton paper. Officially available today at 2pm PST, only at Poster Child Prints. Purchase yours here!