“Into the Clouds” Light Installation

Commissioned Installation by Fox’s New Animation Channel, ADHD
The Cloud has been a symbolic icon of FriendsWithYou’s work since the conception of the creative. Denotations and idiosyncrasies of the FWY Cloud can be found in all of the collective’s fine art works- first noted in the totems and plush art objects in 2002, later as narrative version in the “Field of Dreams” Taipei installation in 2010, as well as in the 2012 short film entitled “Cloudy”, to name a few of the many examples. To the artists, the Cloud represents a key illustration of the FriendsWithYou mission. It is a symbol with the power to transcend the viewer to a relaxed and joyous state, revealing that everything in our world has a soul and a purpose- as spiritual essence. This animist perspective reflects in FWY’s work as a sweet visual soundscape, casting a positive message of happiness and connectivity.

FriendsWithYou is honored to bring this sacred character to life in the form of a light installation, entitled "Into the Clouds". Commissioned by Fox’s new animation programming ADHD, the clouds are 2.5 feet wide, and hang inside the studio’s 26 foot high ceiling.

The idea begins as you enter the space and ascend the staircase, where you are happily greeted and in constant dialogue with a joyous living being- the cloud. The Native Americans believed that the clouds were the Gods who watched over them and their livelihoods. Bringing this installation to life invokes a continuation into the proliferation of healing art objects. Combining the light with the symbol of a cloud is our way of making everyone who enters the space instantly happy on a day-to-day basis.

We want to give a huge thanks to Nick Weidenfield, Hend Baghdady, Ben Jones, Fox and the entire ADHD team for commissioning this installation and helping us bring this dream project to a reality.

For inquires please email Info@FriendsWithYou.com