Super Malfi

Inflatable Bop Bag, Available Today
Super Malfi is a FriendsWithYou icon- a magical wizard who is always full of surprises and brings joy to everyone. His spots are magic so you can rub them for good luck. Super Malfi brings great adventure to your life by opening all doors for you to play in any which way. Wrestle him, kiss him, or throw him on the ground- you never hurt his feelings, you only make him proud. His spirit is undeniably uplifting, allowing the viewer to resonate positivity through his radiating energy. Super Malfi is a good buddy to throw around as you please. He loves to party!

Born when the collective first created hand sewn amulets in 2002, and featured in FWY’s Skywalkers beach parade for Miami Art Basel in 2006, Malfi has been the symbol of FriendsWithYou art for over a decade. To celebrate this icon, FriendsWithYou brings you the Super Malfi inflatable bop bag- a large 52” inflatable, with a sand weighted base, built for playing. Malfi truly comes alive in all of his glory via a unique, kinetic and sculptural artwork. Uplifting and simple, Super Malfi bop bag is lovable, huggable and a joyous art piece for any collection.

Manufactured by our friends at The Loyal Subjects, this art object is in a limited edition of 350, weights 12.5 lbs, and is officially available today for $99 USD. Purchase yours here while supplies last.

We hope Super Malfi finds a great home with you! Give him a bop, he always comes back…