MOCAtv’s “Artist Talk” Premiere, Featuring FriendsWithYou

A Six-Part Web Series, “Artists Talk with Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs” Premiers Friday, February 15th
MOCAtv is premiering “Artists Talk with Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs,” a new six part web series hosted by American actor, producer and artist Alia Shawkat and directed by American filmmaker, documentarian, and music video director Lance Bangs. The artists featured in the series include David Choe, Marcel Dzama, FriendsWithYou, Andrew Kuo, Geoff McFetridge and Raymond Pettibon. MOCAtv will release their series with the FriendsWithYou episode at 10am PST, Friday, February 15, 2013 on MOCAtv’s YouTube Channel. This first time collaboration between MOCAtv, Bangs, Shawkat and FriendsWithYou will take the audience inside the artists’ studio, with Bangs behind the camera offering a glimpse into FWY’s rarely seen creative space and Shawkat in conversation with Sam & Tury to discuss the artistic process behind their work.

MOCAtv, which launched October 1, 2012, is a new online contemporary art video channel and a digital extension of the education and exhibition program of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. MOCAtv aims to present contemporary art and culture to a wide global audience. Shawkat brings her own vision and expertise from her work in film and television projects, such as “Arrested Development”, “Whip It” and “Three Kings”, and her work as an artist exhibiting in galleries in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Paris. Lance Bangs is a filmmaker, documentarian, and visual artists. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and has been presented at Kunst Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Walker Art Center, and Art Basel Miami. FriendsWithYou is honored to have collaborated on this project with such creative and insightful artists!

A big thanks and lots of love to the MOCAtv Team, Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs.

Watch episode one here!