Noah Purifoy & the Integratron @ Joshua Tree

Wow so Joshua Tree is an amazing place, healings, magic, good ideas and a purity in vibrations that have a strong and appealing pull. I was lucky enough to find out about a LAND performance of Katie Grinnan, an artist doing an astrology based sound piece. The work was engaging and ebbed and flowed in and out of tune purposefully, matching the ups and downs emotionally of the year. It took place at a construction called the Integratron, a time bending vessel that was born of alien information and is not yet completed. It sits on a magical land vortex and we were able to get a sound bath, a chakra driven cleanse that has been researched to effectively relax and open up the body. I was really excited to learn about Noah Purifoy foundation which was a highlight. What an amazing dreamer. We were able to experience an entire dimension of thoughts and ideas built of simple construction and found objects. This is a must experience and i think i will have to go back. I'll let the pictures to the talking. Got to hang with some great peeps, some new best friends and look foward to seeing the desert soon again.