Cloudy Animated Short Film, 2012

Inner Vision In Between Mclemoi Gallery, Sydney, Australia 2013

“Happy Gift” in Seoul Korea Commissioned Installation, 2013

Inner Space, The Secrets of the Unknown. Miami, 2011

The South Florida Cultural Consortium Exhibition at The Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL 2011

Field of Dreams Taipei, Taiwan 2010

Rainbow TTT Bench Limited Edition Series, 2010

Rainbow City Toronto Luminato Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada 2010

Universal Reversal at Marine Projects

“The Lightening”, “Spacey” & “Multiverse” Limited Edition Lenticular Prints, 2014

Building Blocks OHWOW Gallery, Miami, FL 2010

Dadareah OHWOW Gallery, Miami, FL 2010

Thing: Beware The Material World. Art Gallery of Western Australia, 2009

Dream Maker Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2008