Sunset #5 and In Between

Limited Edition Prints, 2013

With the launch of FriendsWithYou’s first Australia solo show in February 2013, the artists released two sets of prints in connection with their Sydney exhibition. The prints are entitled “Sunset #5” and “In Between”, both measuring 38” by 50”, silk-screened and within a special color edition of prints that were created for FWY's exhibition- Inner Visions in Between. Sold exclusively through FWY’s online store.

Sunset # 5 is in an edition of 24, featuring a large-scale rainbow gradient within a dot pattern. The print is an experiment and exploration of a gradient conveying an illusion of a sunset. Zoomed in the work becomes a magical rainbow dot pattern made with the number 5. Its purpose is to create an effect that the viewer can interact with by playing with distance. Depending on how close or far you are form the print, the work evolves and changes before your eyes.

In Between is featured in two color-ways- gray or white, both in an edition of 12. The print represents a mascot for finding yourself in between the lines and within the pattern. FWY brings life to the pattern by creating a figurative story inside the piece. Within the artists’ theme of reflection, the viewer can utilize this print as a self-expressive mirror.

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