May 14 – Oct. 22, 2018

“Into The Clouds” at Westfield San Francisco Centre

Little Cloud and his friends float into San Francisco for “Into the Clouds” at Westfield
San Francisco Centre’s historic dome from May 14 th – Oct. 22 nd , 2018.
Into the Clouds is a surreal and cheerful installation featuring four large-scale inflatable
clouds suspended from the dome. The cloud has been a recurring image in our work
throughout the years. We view the cloud emblem as an enduring symbol of love and
light. It has the power to transcend the viewer to a relaxed and joyous state, revealing
that everything in our world has a soul and a purpose – a spiritual essence. This animist
perspective reflects in our work as a sweet visual soundscape, casting a positive
message of happiness and connectivity.
Thank you for this amazing commission, Westfield!

  • Westfield San Francisco Centre

    San Francisco