March 26th

Launching fRiENDSiES

Launching fRiENDSiES by FriendsWithYou, March 26th – Create your forever friend!


We are happy to announce the next chapter of fRiENDSiES, a Web3 community founded on the principles of kindness and friendship. After the massive success of fRiENDSiES 00001, we are teaming up with Christie’s and OpenSea from March 26-28 to offer collectors the unique opportunity to purchase a mint pass for fRiENDSiES editions 00002 through 00010. The mint pass offers the collector exclusive access to design and mint their very own fRiENDSiES using the character builder, FRENGEN. After each of the nine collectors has minted their one-of-a-kind fRiENDSiES, FriendsWithYou will build and gift the collector a painted bronze sculpture of their design. We are so excited to offer this work as a pure collaboration between us and the collector.


On April 2 at 12am ET, the adventure continues at with pre-mint access to Ghost Cloud Friends followed by the Public Dutch Auction at 12pm ET. On April 3 at 12pm ETSuper Golden Cloud Keyholders will gain access to extremely rare attributes to collect.


We’ve been blown away by the character builder, made possible by the devloper.eth team. It’s beyond what we ever dreamed, and we can’t wait to see the fRiENDSiES you make! This is only the beginning of our journey together into the fRiENDSiES universe. It begins by generating your fRiENDSiES and will extend into the metaverse, irl experiences, art installations, limited edition items, and ultimately an AR AI companion that will bring joy to its holder and their community.


For more details, please head over to For help setting up a MetaMask wallet, see this helpful article from OpenSea.


Let’s build a better world together where generosity, care, and altruism are rewarded!

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    Christie’s and OpenSea

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