Wish Come True Toys – Wish Come True, 2008

FriendsWithYou created a line of wishing amulets for the world called Wish Come True. These toys were created with the idea to empower all users with the magic of ritual and wishing. This concept was the first in many projects with the idea to make everyones wish come true simply by willing them.


These wishing toys will bring you everything your heart desires, whether you are a kid or a kid at heart! There are six colorful creations with weighted bottoms that gives them a playful rocking motion, and a subtle, playful sound that comes from the built in bell chimes. These little toys wobble, spin, and chime their way into your heart, letting you know your wish is being granted.


Wish Come True toys were sold via blind assortment. This way you don’t know which creation you’re getting. Magic decides which one you’ll take home, much like wishes…you never know which ones will come true! The amicable little creatures are part of a limited edition series and are now sold out, created by FriendsWithYou and Strangeco.