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FriendsWithYou Limited Edition Series, Plush Sculpture

FriendsWithYou's first ever plush sculpture series, entitled "Friends", were created as enchanted amulets that brought their owner self-empowerment tools for everyday life. These are art objects that can take care of all life’s problems. FriendsWithYou began by hand sewing these cute little friends in 2002 and then later evolved to custom-made plush collectibles.

The story is that "Friends are derived from unimaginably small microbes that have been enlarged one billion times its original size. They live in your breath and under the part of your brain used for wishing. We were able to find this world by enlarging the space which was previously unobservable. We discovered a world very much like ours in it. The few strains of organisms that could adapt to this world have been studied and tested, and our findings have been remarkable. These organisms and friends have actual life-enhancing skills and attributes.

Now we are excited, and well, to introduce our friends to the world! We have enjoyed their presence in our every day life and now invite the rest of the world to share in our joy. Friends are a worry-free life enhancer! Console your new friend and watch as your desires and wishes become a reality! We have been steadily placing our friends into homes and office places, and people are finding that life is simply better with their magical friends. They come in regular size and now as minis. Welcome friends into your heart and home and start living better today!"



(3 parts) ONE of our most amazing achievements was the introduction of this luck friend.

We all know the best things come in threes, especially LUCK! Like to share?

Mr.TTT splits into 3 PARTS! Make new friends today without giving him all away. We have found that a shared Mr TTT is 3x as lucky as a rabbit's foot and a golden horseshoe.



Albino Squid is a jerk. He is a useful friend in that he reminds you how not to act. OR if you, yourself, are a jerk, then meet your new teammate in life. He wants to kick the asses of all your competitors and help you rule the world!



(Comes with detachable feet/babies) Are you ready to PARTY! Poppings is the charm and charisma you’ve always been wishing you had. Don’t be nervous, make a new friend, get that job. Everything will be at your fingertips with a lucky Poppings. Going on a date? Carry one of Poppings feet in your purse or pocket for instant approval!



Ever Wondered What God looks like? Well this is him and boy, does he look different? Red Flyer in his natural state is literally the fabric of space as we can understand it, being the guideline for the make-up of the earth, the air, the water, everything. Swipe your arm through the air and you are reconfiguring an uncountable amount of red flyers. In his enlarged state, he offers invincibility and absolute power to his human companion.

PESUS is small chunk of red flyer and is probably one of the luckiest parts. Kind of like the best cut of meat.



A soft huggable friend, this fluffy pillow is actually the tiniest protein particle in existence. Use him as a gift for a distressed friend or a malnourished cousin. Berry Carry will grant you a healthy body and a healthy state of mind. Use him as a pillow to soften the blows of mental and physical ailments.

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The Boy

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King Albino

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Red Flyer

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Berry Carry & Barry

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Albino Squid & Pesus

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Chucha Pink & Chucha Blue

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