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FriendsWithYou at The Pit

The Pit, Los Angeles

Works by FriendsWithYou on display at The Pit gallery, Los Angelesloading preview

March 4 - April 8, 2023 Three-artist exhibition featuring FriendsWithYou, Koichi Sato, and Emily Yong Beck

Pit 2023 03 01 025loading preview
Pit 2023 03 01 023loading preview
Pit 2023 03 01 028loading preview
The Killing of a Demon 4000px 1920x1742loading preview
Cozy Time 4000px 1920x1744loading preview
The Sacred Knitting of the Gods4000px 1920x2113loading preview
A Butterfly Landing 1920x1615loading preview
Light Forest 1920x1618loading preview
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