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It’s not a Landscape, It’s not a Seascape, It’s an Escape

Oolite Arts, Miami

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“XIXO XIV Eating Hisself”, 2023
Oil on canvas
27" H x 36" W

From our new series of gestural oil paintings, “XIXO XIV Eating Hisself”, 2023 was inspired by the iconic work by the Spanish painter Francisco Goya, “Saturn Devoring His Son”, c 1820-1823. In the work, we see PezDiablo, a character from OCEAN, the generational relative in that same pose, but feeding on himself and growing in power and evil.

Organized by the artist collective A1A, “It’s not a Landscape, It’s not a Seascape, It’s an Escape” is an exhibition that features approximately 65 artists that draw from the iconography of this southernmost city - from the vibrant neon colors of Art Deco South Beach to the South American and Caribbean influence that seeps into this tropical melting pot. We’re so thrilled to be included in this group show curated by Aaron Bondaroff that features Miami artists - emerging, established, and everything in between. Our love for Miami goes deep as it’s where we first got our start as young artists and we are committed to bringing attention to the importance of the city’s artistic community.

Oolite Arts

924 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Opens Saturday, December 9, 2023 6 - 9pm

Gallery hours: Monday - Sunday, 12 - 5 pm

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