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On March 26, 2022, we launched the next chapter of, a Web3 community founded on the principles of kindness and friendship. After the massive success of fRiENDSiES 00001, we teamed up with Christie’s and OpenSea from March 26-28 to offer collectors the unique opportunity to purchase a mint pass for fRiENDSiES editions 00002 through 00010. The mint pass offered nine collectors’ exclusive access to design and mint their very own fRiENDSiES using the character builder, FRENGEN. After each of the collectors minted their one-of-a-kind fRiENDSiES, FriendsWithYou built and gifted each collector a painted bronze sculpture of their design. 

On April 2, the adventure continued at fRiENDSiES with pre-mint access to Ghost Cloud Friends, followed by the Public Dutch Auction. On April 2, Super Golden Cloud Keyholders gained access to extremely rare attributes to collect.

Thank you to the incredible team at devloper.eth for making this character builder possible!

STAY TUNED: This is only the beginning of our journey together into the fRiENDSiES universe. It began by generating your fRiENDSiES and will extend into the metaverse, irl experiences, art installations, limited edition items, and ultimately an AR/AI companion that will bring joy to its holder and their community.

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