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Light Spirit


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A Virtual Reality Experience
Made in collaboration with Funktronic Labs

“Light Spirit” is a fully immersive, interactive simulation experience that presents a completely unique and friendly encounter with the ephemeral, a truly playful experience that merges a kind rendering of a spirit and creates an interaction that feels real. In experimenting with this highly stimulating new medium, we aimed to create an experience that spans the gamut of human emotions as one plays, learns and even merges with the spirit as presented. Through this interaction, one is ultimately invited to return to, and re-center, oneself. This cross-disciplinary experience expanded our experiential work and created an emotionally impactful memory that provoked mindful exploration on what it means to be alive in this digital age, at a time where the boundaries between the real and digital blur and can be redefined. We introduced this experience on the SteamVR technology, which offered “room-scale” VR.

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