June 1 – 30, 2022

Light Spirit a Virtual Reality Experience

Light Spirit is a new Virtual Reality experience by FriendsWithYou, made in collaboration with New Tropics. It is made possible with visual technology by Funktronic Labs. This fully immersive, interactive simulation experience presents a completely unique and friendly encounter with the ephemeral, a truly playful experience that merges a kind rendering of a spirit, creating an interaction with it that feels quite real to one’s senses. In experimenting with this highly stimulating new medium, FriendsWithYou aims to create an experience that spans the gamut of human emotions as one plays, learns and even merges with the spirit as presented. Through this interaction, one is ultimately invited to return to, and re-center oneself. This cross-disciplinary experience expands on the experiential work that FriendsWithYou is lauded for, and creates an emotionally impactful memory that provokes mindful exploration on what it means to be alive in this digital age and where the boundaries blur, and can be redefined, between real and digital. We’re introducing this experience on the SteamVR technology, which offers “room-scale” VR. Unlike other VR headsets, this means that you’re free to walk around the room, sit, or even lay down and relax. And—in this instance—it means you’re able to truly exist and make memories with the Light Spirit.

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  • Art Basel