Little Buddy Limited Edition Porcelain Sculpture, 2012

FriendsWithYou announces the release of Little Buddy, a limited edition porcelain sculpture produced by CASE STUDYO. This shiny gold-glazed porcelain object is 6.5 inches tall and in an edition of 25 pieces. It comes in a silkscreened wooden box, with a signed and numbered certificate by FriendsWithYou.

Little Buddy exists to be your guardian. He is a magical dreamer that is always bursting with ideas and inspiration. Put him close to your bed for the ultimate subconscious adventures. FWY offers this amulet as a power object. Please care for the Little Buddy and watch over his essence. He will reflect your gesture and offer you peace and love. The more energy you give him, the more he will charge your life with magic potency.