October 23, 2020 - November 15, 2020

Little Cloud Bronze at Nanzuka 2G Gallery Japan

October 23 – November 15, 2020 at NANZUKA 2G Gallery, Japan

NANZUKA is pleased to present “Little Cloud,” a solo exhibition of works by FriendsWithYou at NANZUKA 2G.

Based on the contexts of Magic, Luck, and Friendship, FriendsWithYou creates experiential works that propose the building of new relationships. Such creations are often contextualized within the framework of “relational aesthetics,” in which the work only comes to take effect through the presence of others, yet the most notable characteristic of their oeuvre is its sheer intuitiveness and frequent emphasis on contingency and play. What is observed here is the attitude of the artists who strive to stay true to the fundamental energies of human creativity, such as the free imagination, powers of healing, and a driving force for hope.

The exhibition presents an installation featuring FWY’s most symbolic character, Little Cloud, as a bronze sculpture, in an edition of 10. “Little Cloud Boy” Kubrick will also be released from MEDICOM TOY, in addition to a capsule collection in collaboration with GUESS.

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