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Interness, 2019
72 × 96 × 2 in

Plastiline Artworks & Clay Paintings

This series of works play with the discovery and abstraction of the figure, using the texturally soft and informal medium of plastiline clay. We depict our cartoon heroes, pop culture icons, mass media, and memes that affect us daily. The purpose is to expand our emotional consciousness and return us to relational aesthetics, connecting us to ourselves and each other. We reach into our psyche and play with those memories that shape who we are. As emotional objects, these new sculptures allow us to reimagine our childhood mythology and the cultural archetypes that have given shape to the language of pop culture. The series offers a reflection of our world in its beauty as well as in its ugly reality.

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The Never Ending Story Diptych

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Of All Things

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Unified Field

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Small World

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Unified Field II, 2019
80 × 120 × 2 in

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Friends With You Super Kawaii 1920x1019loading preview

Super Kawaii

Friends With You White Out 1920x832loading preview

White Out

1 Friends With You Its All Right I Hi Res300 1920x2549loading preview

It's All Right I

2 Friends With You Its All Right II Hi Res300 1920x2549loading preview

It's All Right II

Friends With You Its Time to Meet the Muppets 1920x2271loading preview

It Time to Meet the Muppets

Friends With You Yellow Sponge 1920x805loading preview

Yellow Sponge

Friends With You Its A Cookie World 1 1 1920x1185loading preview

Its A Cookie World

Friends With You Lil Bartloading preview

Lil Bart

Friends With You Hello Kitty 1920x2255loading preview

Hello Kitty

Friends With You White Kitty 1920x2263loading preview

White Kitty

Friends With You Doraemon 1920x2452loading preview


Friends With You Philip Guston 1920x2452loading preview

Philip Guston

Friends With You Garfield 1920x2431loading preview


Anpan Man 1920x2489loading preview


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