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Playworks: Forever & Ever

The Hole, New York, NY

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Bronze Series
Exhibited at the Hole, New York as part of “On Canal”
November 17 – December 15, 2018

These new works reimagine our favorite cartoons and characters in this elevated medium, transforming the pop mythology from our childhoods into new classical iconography for the 21st century. “Playworks” reinterprets iconic characters that have given shape to the language of pop culture, deforming and hybridizing them. These characters speak to viewers in a relatable way, while mixing reality and fantasy with a healthy dose of humor, idiosyncrasy, and fun.

Each piece in this series is hand sculpted in clay and then cast in bronze using a direct burnout process for the mold, making each piece completely unique.

Garfield and Odie2 1920x1957loading preview

Garfield and Odie

American Gothic 1920x2262loading preview

American Gothic

Anpan Kirby Totem1 1920x2338loading preview

AnpanKirby Totem

Atlas 1920x2346loading preview


Backhand Mickey1 1920x2285loading preview

Backhand Mickey

Buddhatama1 1920x1795loading preview


Doraemon the Lucky Cat 1920x2159loading preview

Doraemon the Lucky Cat

ETM 1920x2404loading preview


Girl Power 1920x2477loading preview

Girl Power

Gudetama as Don Bailey1 1920x1350loading preview

Gudetama as Don Bailey

I Gave You My Heart 1920x2041loading preview

I Gave You My Heart

Its Frog Time 1920x1541loading preview

Its Frog Time

La Pieta 1920x2062loading preview

La Pieta

Like a Prayer copy 1920x2156loading preview

Like a Prayer

Mario Mc Carthy 1920x2497loading preview

Mario McCarthy

Moner Lisa1 1920x2285loading preview

Moner Lisa

Old Skool Mickey 1920x2584loading preview

Old Skool Mickey

Pika the Destroyer 1920x2535loading preview

Pika the Destroyer

Pillsbury God of Happiness 1920x2536loading preview

Pillsbury God of Happiness

Pluto Duck1 1920x2286loading preview

Pluto Duck

Reclining Casper 1920x1781loading preview

Reclining Casper

Ren Stimpy The Kiss 1920x2473loading preview

Ren and Stimpy The Kiss

Resurrection of Furby 1920x2320loading preview

Resurrection of Furby

Rilakkuma as Saturn1 1920x2287loading preview

Rilakkuma as Saturn

Saint Elmos Fire 1920x1755loading preview

Saint Elmos Fire

Satochan God of Health 1920x2354loading preview

Satochan God of Health

Sonic Gold 1920x2462loading preview

Sonic Gold

The Boxer 1920x2711loading preview

The Boxer

The Hug 1920x1725loading preview

The Hug

Tower of Power1 1920x2935loading preview

Tower of Power

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