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Power Pond

Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL

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“Power Pond”, an interactive wishing well installation was created for MOCA’s Tenth Anniversary celebration and unveiled to the public on January 28, 2006. Topped by a 10-foot-high black fiberglass snake, and located in MOCA’s outdoor reflecting pool, “Power Pond” was visible to passersby and motorists traveling along NE 125th Street in Miami, FL. Power Pond originated from a story that the artists created about a mythic black snake that traveled through portals and came to inhabit MOCA’s reflecting pool. Upon seeing the sacred jewels in the “Power Pond”, the snake was frozen by their beauty and remains here forever to grant wishes. Viewers were invited to make wishes that will help the world by tossing coins onto the sacred jewels and wishing hard. If the wish was just, it would be granted. If the wish was selfish, the wish would be eaten by the black snake.

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