Somewhere over the Rainbow Art Basel, 2013

Welcome to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a colorful experience created with the intention
of transcending the viewer to an enhanced state of happiness and self-healing. The
installation is a physical manifestation of the Rainbow Spectrum- transforming ideas and
emotion into a colorful, translucent, toy-like inflatable world that colorizes the environment
and its participants. Each piece is a symbolic reference to the human emotional spectrum.
With each color corresponding to a different emotion, varying in meaning upon each visitor’s
personal point of view, the viewer is urged to reflect on their inner state. An iconic concept
often seen in FriendsWithYou’s work, the viewer can physically experience the color
spectrum and how that connects to our emotions. Spanning from the combination of colors
(white), representing life, to the absence of color (black), representing death, the artists
portray the organic rebirth pattern taking place in both our psyche and physical world.
FriendsWithYou shines light on our existence, reminding us to play and interact on a deeper,
subconscious level. Inspired by the Light and Space Movement of the 60’s and 70’s, FWY
explores geometric shapes and how the use of light can affect the environment and our
perception. In connection with West Coast minimalist artists such as James Turrell, John
McCracken and Helen Pashgian, FWY encourages the viewer to move around the
installation and see how these works shift in understanding as one changes perspective. At
times seeming as solid forms and at others to be dissolving into the environment, the totems
are meant to not only alter space but also induce feeling.


Using human traits, such as eyes, tie to the artists’ implied
animism within their works, and give a spiritual essence and sense of life to the entire
exhibition. Taking place in an intimate outdoors space facing Biscayne Bay, the abundance
of the Miami sunlight cast spectral shadows on the visitors of the Mondrian.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a commission work made possible by Mondrian South
Beach. Generous support is provided by Paul Kasmin Gallery, NYC and Paper Magazine.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow is on view until Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

  • Art Basel