Starburst Unique Inflatable Sculpture, 2010

Starburst is a FriendsWithYou peaceful and endearing inflatable sculpture made of a lightweight breathable nylon, measuring 300 inches in diameter. The unique sculpture was first commissioned by the Luminato Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity in 2010 and was handpicked by Luminato’s Manager of Exhibitions and Curator, Robert VanderBerg. Starburst was shown again during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010. It later showed at The Hole Gallery NYC in 2011, during FriendWithYou’s first New York solo art show, curated and directed by owner of the gallery Kathy Grayson. In February of 2013, Starburst was exhibited again in Toronto inside one of Arts Brookfield’s show spaces- Brookfield Place.

Starburst’s story resembles that of a phoenix or a star. Through our emotions and ideas we are constantly changing, exploding and being reborn as each day dies. This is a figurative expression of all the daily emotions and the constant movement and flow of our feelings. The artists take the pure spirit archetype and give this visual story through its color filled template and its’ extruded tentacles.

Starburst is a pure spirit that feels thoughts and emotions. The kinetic striping allow for these ideas to seem as though they are in constant flux, relating directly to everyday life; the ebb and flow of our existence. The chaos and busyness is portrayed as beautiful, in a way that everyone can relate to even in its reduced, simple form. The play with colors and ideas as a figuration is healing, allowing for a therapeutic interaction within the chaos.

FriendsWithYou wants to change the world through connectivity, both to ourselves and to each other. Starburst is an art piece with this service in its core conception- a vibrant healing beacon acting as a powerful tool in the movement towards connectivity.