November 28, 2022

Starchild – Permanent Public Artwork in Miami Beach

We have been commissioned by the City of Miami Beach to create a public artwork – a 50 ft. metal sculpture named “Starchild”, the main character in our new body of work where we have renamed the Earth to Ocean as a means to unify our planet. Join us Monday Nov. 28th for the unveiling at Henry Liebman Square on 41st Street & Pine Tree Drive. Please arrive by 4:30pm, as the Mayor and Sam & Tury will speak at 5pm sharp.

On Nov. 30th at 2pm EST, we’ll be releasing a scale model edition of “Starchild” from our website, It is 16 inches tall, edition of 500.

We will also have a pretty large presence at Art Basel fair at the Convention Center, with multiple works at Nanzuka Underground (booth B19) and at GAVLAK (booth E16).

We can’t wait to see you soon!


Starchild is a permanent Public Artwork, forever on display for everyone in Miami Beach to enjoy!

  • Art Basel

    Miami Beach