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Super Moon

Seokchon Lake, Seoul, Korea

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September 1–October 3, 2016

At the center of “Super Moon” was a 60-foot opalescent moon sculpture that was installed in the eastern portion of Seokchon Lake. Eight symbolic planetary elements surround the moon, together creating a vivid celestial space across the water. The inflatable sculpture enlivened the night with internally programmed LEDs. The moon’s gradient colors shifted and moved serenely around its spherical surface, while the surrounding figures glowed brightly in their individual hues, inviting visitors into a unifying cosmic experience.

Daytime activations of “Super Moon” included a cloud bounce house in the surrounding park area and cosmic character mascots interacting with visitors around the lake. An accompanying indoor exhibit located in AVENUEL Art Hall featured an animated film, history of FriendWithYou’s previous installations, interactive experiences with “Super Moon”, and limited edition collectibles.

“Super Moon” was a symbolic manifestation of the immense power and serenity of our cosmos, connecting each one of us to our very cells. When we gather around the moon as a community, we all orbit together in its gravitational nature that transcends ages and cultures. With “Super Moon”, we hoped viewers experienced this sense of unity and peace.

“Super Moon” coincided with the major Korean holiday Chuseok (September 15), celebrating the autumn harvest when the full moon appears during the fall equinox.

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