The Good Wood Gang FriendsWithYou Limited Edition Release, 2005

From the Black Forest comes a new type of lucky amulet. A wooden charm that dates back to the five ancient child Gods and the toys that delighted them. They will bring magic and mystery into your life. All having a specialty power and work in different ways for each different person. If you treat them with respect they will grant you all your wishes.

Black Foot, AKA Captain Bingo, opens and closes all doors. Sweet Tooth brings you success and surprises. Lucky Doovoo can solve all your problems such as love, health and distress. Squid Racer is a triple-team of power all united to help you achieve your goals. The rare Mr. TTT BURGER will satisfy all your indulgences and help you to a delicious existence while showing you the key to immortality.


Try your hand at arranging your own luck.
Is Blackfoot tall? Is Capt. Bingo small? It’s up to you. Luck comes in all shapes and sizes. This lucky totem opens and closes all doors and possesses the key to all of life’s ultimate adventures.


Can YOU BELIEVE IT? A rare mixture of the finest ingredients, Mr. TTT Burger will satisfy all your indulgences and help you to a delicious existence while allowing you to enjoy the great life you have. Mr. TTT burger is the totem of BUMBLE GRUMP, the godchild of luck.


SWEET TOOTH is the sweetest!
He always gets what he wants… but you have to give him what he needs- candy, a golden lock, or tiny mirrors and he’ll let you in on his secrets.
He represents the TRIPLETS of good fortune. Sweet Tooth is the sugar god head and will bring you surprises. Lil’ Bernie represents the content child. Use this head for a stress free day. BABY DERWIN has super powers and gives you the possibility to have really good luck or really bad luck. Which head will you choose today? Be Risky! GET BETTER RESULTS!


God of the Sea, Squid Racer uses the power of momentum to keep your life progressing until you reach your ultimate potential. This squid has fully evolved into one of the fastest, hardest working teams ever. Driven by the faithful Elby and navigated by Singing Robot Head, he is fully equipped and ready to help you take over the world!


Lucky Doovoo is a dream guide who is always sleeping.
Make all your dreams come true with the help of his enchanted black board. Make a secret drawing, write the name of someone you love. All your wishes can become reality with Lucky Doovoo on your side! He has three belly button articles you can choose: insert the Ruby to concentrate on your goals, insert the heart to concentrate on your relationships, and insert the lollipop for carefree sleep!