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2016/2017 Fall/Winter Season

To inaugurate the opening of their new flagship store in the Ginza district in Tokyo, we created a collection in collaboration with Moncler. The collection featured jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters in rich, joyful tones using our symbolic language of Magic, Luck and Friendship. The artwork was set against a hyper-chromatic universe with recurring symbols that unify people through visual language, while allowing each viewer to adapt these symbols in creating a bespoke meaning of their own. The collection entitled, “Happy Virus”, derived its name from a related animated film and a lenticular limited edition print by the artists. “Happy Virus” harnesses its softly recurring symbols to create a mantra-like visual spell. Our key FWY characters were adapted to wearable art in the Moncler collection including: “Malfi”, “Happy Virus”, “Cloudy”, “Look Who”, “Snowy” and the vibrant fluorescent rainbow of “Mr. TTT”. Each personality presents their own subversive ideas now reprised and stripped of their old meaning, making this collection a functional interactive vocabulary to be enjoyed by the modern collector.

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