Little Cloud

Little Cloud is a symbol of hope and the unification between humans and the natural world. A key symbol of FriendsWithYou’s mission, Little Cloud transcends the viewer to a peaceful, joyous, and more positive state. Little Cloud in itself is a positive call to action, to spread and share happiness and connectivity.


For over 16 years, we have developed this icon, which reveals that everything in our world has a soul and a purpose – a spiritual essence. This animist perspective reflects in all of our work. Bringing this sculpture to life invokes a continuation into the proliferation of healing art objects.


We have created this worldwide symbol that embodies an emotional and personable storyline, manifesting itself into animations, large-scale outdoor sculptures, limited-edition bronze sculptures, limited edition prints, hanging inflatable sculptures, a 30 foot blimp in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and beyond.

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