The Rainbow Vortex SBCAF, Santa Barbara 2012

FriendsWithYou is honored to have participated in the group show “Flight from Wonder” at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, previously exhibited from February 26th to April 22nd. The art piece FWY created for this exhibit was entitled “The Rainbow Vortex”, a twirling inflatable that literally made the room spin! With the show being a total success, we invite you to take a look at the magical spinning Rainbow Vortex…

“Flights from Wonder” transforms the SBCAF into a series of engaging, hands-on, interactive installations that heighten the synergy between artists and audience, and challenge all ages to re-imagine their relationship to art. The exhibition explores alternate ways to experience art by posing questions such as: How do people react and relate to the artof our time? How do we experience contemporary art? What new awareness can we acquire from children? Featuring an internationally recognized group of artists including Christopher Chiappa, Liz Craft, Martha Friedman, Jon Pylypchuk, Carolyn Salas, Mindy Shapero, Shinique Smith, and Phoebe Washburn, “Flights from Wonder” empowers audiences to think, play, and create, and rejects the myth that contemporary art is mystifying or elitist, demonstrating instead that art is an enriching and stimulating part of the human experience.

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