Plasma Bright & The Power Stone

Nada art fair miami with the hole gallery, 2011

Plasma Bright and The Power Stone were on exhibit with The Hole Gallery at NADA Art Fair 2011, during Art Basel Miami 2011. FWY created almost identical pieces, both being displayed side by side in theme of The Hole’s “Twin” booth. These plasma pieces are nearly identical, with one difference- one is color and one black and white.

NADA runs a renowned art fair to vigorously pursue the goals of exploring new or underexposed art that is not typical of the “art establishment.” NADA’s fair has been held in parallel with Art Basel Miami Beach since 2002 and is recognized as a much needed alternative assembly of the world’s youngest and strongest art galleries dealing with emerging Contemporary Art.

For the NADA Art Fair 2011, The Hole presented a challenging and inventive booth with a curatorial performance project: Twin Booths // Déjà-Booth. This project consisted of making two identical art fair booths right next to each other staffed by identical twins. Déjà-Booth will featured “twin” works by Eric Yahnker, Evan Gruzis, Eddie Martinez, Robert Lazzarini, Theo Rosenblum, Matt Jones, Joe Grillo, Ara Peterson, Kembra Pfahler + E.V. Day, Matthew Stone, Kadar Brock, Lola Schnabel and Sayre Gomez.

NADA Art Fair 2011